Dan Donkel
Managing Partner, Donkel Oil and Gas LLC

Donkel Oil & Gas LLC. and my former Danco E&P companies have been an investor in Alaska since I won my first oil and gas leases in the state sale in 1983.

We buy oil and gas leases from the state of Alaska and have expert geologists prepare reports, used to attract more E&P companies to Alaska and encourage new oil & gas production in Alaska.

Since 1993 we have been an exhibitor at the world famous North American Prospect Expo ( NAPE) in Houston Texas. We also go to shows like the Petroleum Listing Service’s Deal Makers conferences to get new exploration companies to invest new money in Alaska’s oil and gas Industry.  See our website donkeloilalaska.com

We invite exploration companies from around the world to invest in Alaska’s oil and gas future. Many times we help cause new oil companies to come to Alaska and show them why Alaska is the place to drill and prosper.